Day-2 — Path To Web Dev

Chanak Karki
2 min readApr 28, 2021
A 3 by 3 grid

As mentioned in the previous post, I would be posting every single day until I get better at web development. Today is all about approaches that I am taking to get there.

We need to consistently show up and do the work to get results and that is what I have been doing and the Pomodoro Technique is helping me out a lot. The basic premise behind the technique is that you sit and do your work in four 25 mins chunks and you get 5 mins of break for each chunk completion. At first I was not to keen on this technique but I have grown to like it and I am more focused and accountable with this technique.

Most of the practice involves me fiddling with the browser and the code editor, I use both Firefox and chrome, before I only used to use chrome but now I am getting into Firefox. To make myself more accountable I have installed extensions on my browsers, I am using Tomato Clock in Firefox, I have not done anything with the setting and I am using it as it came, it is good but the chrome one, Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant feels better.

You might be wondering how might this be helpful to anyone? well, it really depends on how you work but for me it has helped me a lot and give it a go try it out and let me know how was it?

And if you might be wondering about the thumbnail it was something I built yesterday using tailwindcss, you can find the GitHub repository here.