Into the NFT world : Day 1

Chanak Karki
1 min readFeb 17, 2022
Into the NFT world
Into the NFT world

I was gone for a while, but I am back and a journey has begun. If you read the title, you might have already guessed that now I am into NFTs.

Right now, I am thinking about curating or doing weekly sessions where I highlight NFT projects that caught my eye. I am planning to release my own batch of NFTs soon.

As for the release date, I am hoping to finish it in March 2022. You might be wondering how did decide to get into the NFT spectrum. Well, it was a normal day, and I was walking back home, and I was like “Hmm! I should start a NFT project” but the real motivation came to when a friend of mine wanted an NFT, and I was like “Okay! Let me try!” and so it began.

Please feel free to check out my openSea account for updates.