Thoughts: Day 18

Chanak Karki
2 min readNov 1, 2021
Thoughts: Day 18
Thoughts: Day 18

I started to contemplate this because I was amazed by the amount of thoughts in my head, and it felt great to disconnect. Yesterday I found out about compound interest, and then through word of mouth I found a decentralized crypto project and decided to invest in it (P. S I am not your financial advisor, I am here simply to share my investing journey).

Occasionally I will be updating my experience with the newfound crypto project.

Poem time:

Time is running out

It feels like a movie

Once, we were roaming without masks

Now we roam with masks

All changed, impermanence is inevitable

Language time:

I have been using the Duolingo app to learn the Portuguese language, and it has been a blessing. Specially the games, they make, you want to practice more. Join me in my journey to reach fluency, right now I am on a streak and wish to keep that streak intact.

Chanak’s Duolingo streak statistics
Chanak’s Duolingo streak statistics

Cool internet finds that intrigued me:

  1. Happily Ever Travels
  2. Jesse Eckel’s YouTube channel