Thoughts: Day 19

Chanak Karki
2 min readNov 2, 2021
Thoughts: Day 19
Thoughts: Day 19

The time is never right. I had heard this several times; now, I can conclude that it holds truth. These days, whenever I see an opportunity, I jump on it. Sure, one can ponder about deciding, but if you jump on it, there is no going back.

Once your mind has been stretched, there is a rare chance that you would ever want to go back. Instead, of leaving things for tomorrow, it is best to do it right away. I can attest to this because I have experienced it.

Normally, I would put things off, and nothing would get done; then I started getting tired of not getting things done and started to seek discomfort, look for change and started doing things right away. That made a huge difference, and now I no longer wish to go back.

Poem time:

Oh! How the world crumbles!

We all shall not remain

Time is of the essence

We might not see each other again

Watch me seek justice

All I can do is try

I will leap forward

But in the end there is a demise

Language time:

I am still trying to maintain my streak. Recently, I switched to the desktop version of Duolingo and I like it more than the mobile version.

Chanak’s daily streak statistics
Chanak’s daily streak statistics

As for the crypto project, it is looks promising, right now I am waiting for their next rebase