Thoughts: Day 20

Chanak Karki
2 min readNov 3, 2021
Thoughts: Day 20
Thoughts: Day 20

Day 20, was all about humility. Knowing that one does not know everything will lead one to a better path. Today I got up a bit late but still managed to catch the metro and that made me think about my actions.

I have decided to change my schedule. Normally it starts with me waking up and simply eating breakfast and rushing to work, and after I come back I normally am rushing to go to bed. When I was thinking about my schedule, I did not want to do it anymore. I wish to strive to be better; I have already begun my stride; I have decided to complete the Google data analyst course. I have learned a lot from it and wish to learn more from it.

Poem time:

Every day, I want to learn

Every day, I want to find ways to re-learn

Not a single day goes without me learning

Learning will change me

Learning will not make me the same

In the end, it all shall end

But I will still be learning

Language time:

Duolingo is a cool app, and I am planning to use it long term. The way they have gamified the language learning experience makes me want to use it even more.

Chanak’s language learning statistics
Chanak’s language learning statistics

— Do keep in mind, nothing remains the same.